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Metal seal

  • Metal seal-01
Metal seal-01

Metal seal-01

  • total length 215 mm
  • Fixed operational length 190 mm
  • Product description: Metal snapped seal of fixed operational length 190 mm, available in width 8 mm, with numbering. Application for transport, containers, warehouses

Model: METALSEAL -01

Specifications of Metal Seal 01
Our metal seal 01 is made of tinplate steel.
Metallic color
Seals packaged 100 per wire in sequential order, 1,000 seals per box.
The dimension of this metal seal is 22mm (L) × 7.5mm (W).
Company name or logo, sequential number can be printed on or embossed on the metal seals.
This indicative seal is ISO/PAS 17712 certified and its tensile strength is more than or equal to 516N.

Our metal seal G2 can find application in ISO containers, container trucks, and doors, etc.

Packaging of Metal Seal G2
Standard Packaging: 1000pcs/carton.
Carton Dimensions: 9.84" × 7.87" × 3.94" (25cm × 20cm × 10cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 7 kg / Net: 6 kg.


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