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Metal seal

  • Metal seal-L
Metal seal-L

Metal seal-L

  • total length 215 mm
  • Fixed operational length 190 mm
  • Product description: Metal snapped seal of fixed operational length 190 mm, available in width 8 mm, with numbering. Application for transport, containers, warehouses

Model: L

Details about our Metal Seal L
Our metal seal L is made of tinplate steel.
Metallic color
Its length and width are 22mm and 9.5mm separately.
Seals packaged 100 per wire in sequential order, 1,000 metal seals are put in a box.
Company name or logo, sequential number can be printed on or embossed on the metal seals.
This indicative seal is ISO/PAS 17712 certified and its tensile strength is more than or equal to 516N.
Our metal seal L can be used in all kinds of ISO containers, container trucks, and doors, etc.

Packaging of Metal Seal L
Standard Packaging: 1,000pcs/carton.
Carton Dimensions: 14.96" × 11.02" × 5.91" (38cm × 28cm × 15cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 7 kg / Net: 6 kg.

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