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Plastic Seals

  • 550MM plastic seal
  • 550MM plastic seal
  • 550MM plastic seal
  • 550MM plastic seal
550MM plastic seal550MM plastic seal550MM plastic seal550MM plastic seal

550MM plastic seal

  • total length 550mm
  • diameter of strong
  • smooth strap 3,0mm
  • operational length 435mm
  • Product description: Plastic seal with metal insert, length 550 mm (very long!) and diameter 3,0 mm, with numbering, white bar for writing, spikes, tear-line. Application for transport, storerooms, bags.

– plastic tightened seal with metal insert

– The longest from our offer – operational length 435mm, total length 550mm, diameter of strong, smooth strap 3,0mm

– Three spikes which protect the seal from slipping off

– A tear-line which facilitates tearing off

– Special hole to put the tip of the strap after sealing

– Tensile strength: 20 kg


– Consecutive, unique 7-digit numbering

– White bar for writing (date, person who was putting the seal etc.)

– Option: logo, company name, etc. made of hot foil or laser


– Joined in mats of 10

– In bags for 500

– In cartons of 1.000

– Carton dimensions: 58 cm x 40 cm x 26 cm

– Carton weight: 7,00 kg


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